(by Peter Yarrow)

When I had my colonoscopy, I had a 
  question on my mind
"Do we all look the same when the 
  doctor sees us from behind?"

    [_] Then I had the answer, I 
      felt like such a fool, 'cause the 
    doctor smiled and said to me, "Your 
      colon's really cool"

    My colon's really cool, 
      [_] what a nice surprise
    He sees a lot of colons, but my
      colon took the prize

Then he added something that was 
  even more divine
"We found a polyp hiding, Peter, 
  [_] but we caught it just in time"

    He found a polyp hiding, don't 
      mean to sound so crass
    But the polyp was discovered by a 
      camera up my

Mother and my father spoke to 
  me that very day, They said, 
"My son, it seems you've won the Polyp 
  Prize, hooray, hooray, hooray!"

    Now the camera that they used is not like the
      ones on movie lots
    It's a camera that is tiny, and it
      takes interior shots
    It's a camera that is groovy, it can 
      twist and turn and bend
    To film your colon's story and en-
      -sure a happy end

So, listen to me closely for 
  this not a lie: 
Colon Cancer can be beaten, if 
  you are not camera shy

    [_] Call you doctor swiftly, no 
      ifs or ands or BUTTS
    Schedule your colonoscopy, I 
      know you've got the guts

My colon's really cool, and
  what a nice surprise
My doctor sees a lot of colons, 
  [_] but mine took the prize
    [_] Mine took the prize, my friends,
      mine took the prize, 
    My colon's really groovy, so my
      colon took first prize!

recording: Peter Yarrow [YouTube]

background: Destigmatizing colonoscopies on network television [CBS News]