(by Will Quale with apologies to Harold Arlen)

Once there was a wicked man
In this lovely land of ours
And a wickeder, wickeder, wickeder man
There never, never was

He filled the folks in all the world
With terror and with dread
	'til one fine day
	from Pennsylvan'
	and Georgia, ballots
	like a mallet
	brought the wicked
	man his doom --
	despite his bluster,
	froth, and fume --

For we counted every vote
And eventually the pa-pers wrote
That we the people had this tyrant smote

	Ding Dong! Trump will go
	Bye bye bye to Forty-Five
	Ding Dong! The wicked Trump will go
	Wake up, you sleepy head
	Rub your eyes, get out of bed
	Wake up, the wicked Trump will go

	    He'll go as the votes we count
	    And Bi-den's lead surmounts
	    We'll win the recounts
	    So let's sing ... and shout "You're fired!"

	Ding Dong! the merry-oh
	Sing it high, sing it low,
	Let them know the wicked Trump will go

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