(by Tell Taylor)

My darling I am dreaming, of days gone by,
When you and I were sweethearts, beneath the summer sky;
Your hair has turned to silver, the gold has faded too;
But still I will remember, where I first met you.

	Down by the old mill stream, where I first met you,
	With your eyes of blue, dressed in gingham too,

	It was there I knew, that you loved me true,
	You were sixteen, my village queen, by the old mill stream,

	Down by the stream.

The old mill wheel is silent, and has fallen down,
The old oak tree has withered, and lies there on the ground;
While you and I are sweethearts, the same as days of yore;
Although we've been together, forty years and more.

	Down by the old 	(not the new but the old)
	Mill stream 		(not the river but the stream),
	Where I first 		(not the last but the first)
	Met you.		(Not me but you.)
	With your eyes		(not your ears, but your eyes)
	Of blue			(not green, but blue).
	Dressed in ging-	(not silk but ging-) 
	-ham too.		(Not one but two.)

	And it was there	(not here, but there),
	I knew			(not old, but new)
	That you loved		(not hate, but loved)
	Me too.			(Not one but two.)

You were sixteen 	(not seventeen, but sixteen)
My village queen! 	(Not the king, but the queen).
Down by the old 	(not the new, but the old),
Mill stream 		(not the river, but the stream).

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