(lyrics by Daisy Black,
music by Dave Goulder)

Oh, the January woman comes a-
  -long in duffel coat, felt scarves, and 
The February woman rides her 
  bike through wind and snow and winter 
The woman of March wrings out her hair and has 
  run out of warm clothes to wear / De-
    -spairs of better weather

The April woman's brolly bears a-
  -gainst the wind as she visits her 
    old friends
May woman sees the blossoms burst from 
  all the boughs, hears morris bellpads 
By June she has forgot the rain, starts 
  to feel like a girl again / But is
    still regretting Easter

In July the woman climbs the trees in 
  search of all the plums the birds have 
    left her
The August woman walks the fields of 
  barley as the summer spills to 
September woman's quiet weighs more than her 
  children's summer of doors / As she
    drags them to school

The woman of new October makes her 
  jam, burns chutney onto her best 
November woman swaps her heels and 
  skirts for jumpers, jackets, heavy 
December woman braves the gales for 
  Christmas shopping, then the sales / But
    wonders why, though

And January woman comes a-
  -long with duffel coat, felt scarves, and 
To run and jump and laugh along those 
  well-worn mossy paths she knows so 
And in the glass her crows feet show, her e-
  -leven sisters already know / They're
    one year older

Yes January woman's here to 
  start with each and every year / A-
    -long the road forever

recording: Daisy Black [YouTube]