(by Igor Shamo, 1962;
English translation -- poetic for singability, not strictly literal -- Will Quale)

sheet music with these English lyrics

translator notes

The sea of leaves is at play in the
  wind on a peaceful day
The sloping banks of Dnieper
  are so dear unto me
Swaying branches of green over
  our dreams of peace

    How can I not love you
      [K'EE-eev-e ME]			(My Kyiv)
I will pour out my heart to
  fields of cannas lily
Tell them how deep my love runs
  for my dear city
On the soft wings of hope, I will
  live, I will dream

    How can I not love you
      [K'EE-eev-e ME]			(My Kyiv)
The tired city's at rest, a
  peaceful, gentle sleep
Her lights shine like a necklace
  gleaming over the Dniep'r
Happiness shall again come in 
  velvet ev'ning dreams
    How can I not love you
      [K'EE-eev-e ME]			(My Kyiv)

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