(by Graeme Miles, via John Mayberry and Will Quale)

Way over the hills now the sun's going down
And the elm tree's long shadow creeps over the ground
The farmer has finished a-ploughing the land
And it's time for young lovers to court hand in hand

	On an evening in Summer
	On an evening in Summer
	On an evening in Summer
	Late on in June

Well, it's off to the pub now to knock back a jar
We'll set the world right as we prop up the bar
We'll crack our sides laughing at a thumping good tale
And sing out a chorus in praise of strong ale

	On an evening in Summer ...
We'll talk about cricket and that knock by young Squires
What price by next year they'll be capped for the shire
But we'll not forget Jonesie who won us the match
On that run from the covers to take that free catch

	On an evening in Summer ...
The clock has come 'round now and the landlord's called time
We'll make our way homewards, or at least we will try
But we all go the same way so together we'll keep
And we'll all help each other to stay on our feet.

	On an evening in Summer ...

recording: The Wilson Family (live) [YouTube]

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