(by Catherine Faber)

The caller we answer has summoned the dancers;
Our hands touch; I ask myself why
Parting's repeating must shadow each meeting;
The fruits of hello bear the seeds of good-bye.

	The same steps that part us will bring us
	New partners to honor and guide.
	Hand clasping hand weaving right and left grand,
	I will meet you again on the circle's far side.
Passing through, changing places, we smile on new faces;
Our joy lies in saying hello.
Balance and swing, promenade 'round the ring,
It's a joy to embrace and a grief to let go.

	Yet the same steps that part us ...

Our histories braid as the steps are replayed
With each partner, cycling through
We part and we meet in the pattern's repeat
And the pattern I follow leads right back to you

	For the same steps that part us ...

Parting's seeds grow, till they blossom "hello"
In their own time; the question is when?
I see at a glance that our lives are a dance
And the pattern's a promise I'll meet you again.

	The same steps that part us ...

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