(by JohnSmith)

We've come through the valleys, 
  we've come through the fields,
We've cross over rivers,
  to find ourselves here.
We sang songs of sorrow, 
  we sang songs of love,
Let's sing one more together,
  to send ourselves off.

	Safe home, safe home, 
	  safe home will you go.
	May the light of the moon 
	  smile down on your road.
	Safe home, safe home, 
	  safe home will you go, 
	Until I next see you, 
	  safe home will you go.

We've laid down our worries, 
  our troubles, our fears,
Like shells on the strand wash, 
  by laughter and tears.
But the tide has returned now,
  to lift us away,
Back to our houses 
  and families we pray.

	Safe home, safe home, ...

Well the fiddles are quiet, 
  the whistles all still,
Only echoes remain 
  from the jigs and the reels.
The dance floor is empty,
  our farewells all said.
Now it's time to be going,
  'til we all meet again.

	Safe home, safe home, ...

	Safe home, safe home, ...

recording: JohnSmith (live, 2016) [YouTube]