(music by Irving Kaplansky, lyrics by Enid Rieser)

Through all the bygone ages, 
  Philosophers and sages
Have meditated on the circle's 

From Euclid to Pythagoras, 
  From Gauss to Anaxag'ras,
Their thoughts have filled the libr'ies bulging 

And yet there was elation 
  Throughout the whole Greek nation
When Archimedes did his mighty 
  computation! ... 
  He said:

Kaplansky's song structure
Numerals give melodic scale tones

	  3    1   4    1  5   9
A	Three One Four One Oh My,
	   2     6  5    3  5   8 9    7
	  Here's A Song To Sing About Pi

A'	Not a sigma or mu 
	  but a well-known Greek letter too 
B	You can have your alphas and your great phi-bates, 
	  and omegas for a friend, 
	But that's just what a circle doesn't have -- 
	  the beginning or an end

	  3    1   4    1   5    9
A	Three One Four One Five Nine
	  2  6  5  3  5  8     9 7
	  Is A Ratio We Don't Define

A'	Two pi times radii gives 
	  circumf'rence you can rely 
(B/2)	If you square the radius times the pi, 
	  you will get the circle's space

	 3      1  4   1 5    9
A"	Here's My Song About Pi, 
	  fit for a mathematician's embrace

recording: Lucy Kaplansky [YouTube]

notes: Irving Kaplansky on song structure [Celebratio Mathematica]