(by Leon Rosselson)

The years grow tall
  They hide the light, they shroud the sun,
    And we stay small,

      And in our eyes
        The pain recedes, the passion dies.

The face we knew
  The smile we loved, the hands we touched
    When time was new

      Are nowhere seen—
        The branching years have come between.

		We sowed a wild garden, 
		there we drowned in summer perfumes 
		sweetening the air.

		We made time drunk with dreams and 
		scattered seeds of brightness every-

		Love will change the world and 
		love will never change—
		  We believed...
		  we believed.

The years grow tall ...

		Now in my marble garden, 
		silence grows and spider shadows 
		gather everywhere.

		Still in the distance, see a 
		spark that burns the darkness from the 

		Soon will come the day when love will 
		  We believed...
		  we believed.

The years grow tall ...

recording: Roy Bailey with Fiz Shapur, piano (1988) [YouTube]

recording: Nancy Kerr (2020) [YouTube]

notes: comments from Leon Rosselson [Leon Rosselson Song Catalogue]