(lyrics by Glen Loper, music by Cab Calloway)

Everyone's talking 'bout Wordle
Wordle's a popular bird
   But everywhere you go
   You're bound to find
A Wordle ain't nothing but a Word
A B O U T  
Some people solve it and post it
Like some green and yellow selfie, I've heard
   But solve it in the sea
   Or hanging from a tree
A Wordle ain't nothing but a Word
H E A R D  
     You can add a vowel
     Poke it with a dowel
         Make the thing a verb or a noun
     Double up a letter
     Solve it in a sweater
         It's just a little word that you found
V O W E L  
D O W E L  
It was a pastime for Dracula
That old Transylvanian nerd
   But the wolf man was smart
   Said "You can't fool me!
A Wordle ain't nothin' but a Word!"
W O R D L ?
L O P E R !!!
Wordle TCS 6/6

recording: Cab Calloway, "A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird" [YouTube]